Sticklers CleanWipes box 600st/fp

Optical Grade Cleaning Wipes

Artikelnummer: MCC-WCS100
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Sticklers™ CleanWipes 600 has a portable cleaning box to fit nicely in a tool box


Ideal for cleaning fiber optic jumpers and connector plugs
Makes wet/dry cleaning simple with the Sticklers™ Fiber Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner Fluid
Removes fingerprints, oils, grime, polishing compound, dust and lint
Cleans SC and LC duplex connectors without disassembly

The six CleanWipes 600 slots are color-coded to help techs remember which slots they have already used
Slots accept LC and SC duplex connectors
The tech never touches the wipe and never re-uses the wipe to reduce cross-contamination
Premium super-soft, streak-free, and lint-free wipes
Electrostatic-dissipating to remove triboelectric charging
Smooth, white wipe
No glues, bleach or cellulose to re-deposit onto an end-face
Very strong modulus fabric wipes – resist shredding and tearing, even on LC connector end-faces
High absorbency
Each wipe is 2? x 4.25?
100 wipes per box to wet/dry clean 600 fiber end-faces

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