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Artikelnummer: GSD-803
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Optimal Solution for Energy-Saving and Gigabit High Performance
In line with the energy-saving trend worldwide, PLANET delivers the new generation Green Networking Switch - GSD Series Gigabit Ethernet Switch with concepts of "Easy installation and use", "Compact-size design" and "Simple troubleshooting". The PLANET GSD-803, the 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch upgraded from earlier version brings both benefits of energy saving and Gigabit performance. It is specially designed for home networking, SOHO and SMB. The GSD-803 uses new engine that provides energy saving up to 40% less energy but not reduce the performance.
The GSD-803 incorporates two advanced Green Networking technologies:
• Idle Mode Link Down power saving
• Intelligent Scales Power based on cable length
The Idle mode Link Down power saving of GSD-803 complies with IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) standard to automatically lower power for a given port when it is not linked. With the Idle mode Link Down power savings technology, the GSD-803 will automatically adjusts power usage of the ports that are shutdown or not connected to network device. The other technology adopted, Intelligent Scales Power, is an intelligent algorithm that actively determines the appropriate power level based on cable length. When connecting to the GSD-803 with Ethernet cable shorter than 20m, a device can obtain maximum power saving because the GSD-803 would automatically detect the Ethernet cable length and reduce power usage. The connected device can substantially reduce overall power consumption, which makes a significant contribution to energy saving.
EuP Complies Power Control
To complies with European Union's Energy-using Products (EuP) Directive for further reduce the energy consumptions, the GSD-803 is built with a power switch with off mode and standby mode selection at its rear panel. PLANET Green Networking Switch greatly helps to eliminate the power consumption at home, lower the business operation cost and fulfill the responsibility of a corporate citizen.

Lead Home, SOHO and Workgroup users into High-Speed Networking Generation
As the increasing popularity of Desktop and Laptop with built-in Gigabit Network Interface, and widely application of Share Database Device and Multi-Media Center day by day, super high speed Ethernet Switch is expected to become the main stream in the market. PLANET GSD-803 Gigabit Ethernet Switch is especially designed with metal compact housing to bring an easy deployment of Gigabit networking for home, SOHO or enterprises.
High Performance
Providing 16Gbps internal switching fabric, the GSD-803 can handle extremely large amounts of data in a secure topology linking to a backbone or high capacity servers. The GSD-803 provides 8K MAC address table and 1Mbits buffer memory. It offers wire-speed packet transfer performance without risk of packet loss. The high data throughput of the device makes it ideal for most Gigabit environments, especially for the network upgrading to a Gigabit environment.
Plug & Play
All RJ-45 copper interfaces in the GSD-803 support 10/100/1000Mbps Auto-Negotiation for optimal speed detection through RJ-45 Category 6, 5 or 5e cables. It supports standard Auto-MDI / MDI-X that can detect the type of connection to any Ethernet device without requiring special straight or crossover cables.
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