ECS Fiberkabel  SM FR LT 12F G652D OS2 Brandresistent FE 90min CPR Dca HFFR

ECS Fiberkabel SM FR LT 12F G652D OS2

Brandresistent FE 90min CPR Dca HFFR

Artikelnummer: FRT-090-12/BK

 Fire resistant cables with CPR – Dca for Offshore Installations, Campus Backbone, Campus Distribution cabling, General purpose indoor/outdoor LAN,
Outdoor Plant Duct Installation

General Construction: The cable contains SM G652D TIA/EIA 598-C color coded optical fibers, each with a 250µm outer diameter. The optical fibers are contained in a loose tube filled with a thixotropic gel. The tube is wrapped with a mica tape for heat protection, reinforced and protected by waterblocking fiberglass strength yarns and jacketed.

Outer Jacket Material: FR-LSZH
Outer Diameter: 7.5 mm nom.
Weight: 67 kg/km

Buffer Material: PBT
Tube Diameter: 3.1 mm nom.
Strength Elements: E-Glass Yarns
Number of fibers: 4
Waterblocking: Dry Waterblocking
Rip-Cord: Yes
Outer Jacket Color: Black

Applicable Standards: IEC 60794-1-21/22, IEC 60794

Flammability Rating: IEC 60331, IEC 60331-25, IEC 60331 FE 90, IEC 60332-3 , IEC 60754-1, IEC 60754-2, IEC 61034-1/2, EN 50575:2014 Dcas2d2a3 (CPR)

Installation: Guidelines as per IEC TR 62691

Max. Installation Tensile Load : 1800 N max.
Max. fiber strain at MIT: 0.6 %
Max. Residual Tension (MRS) : 540 N max.
Max. Fiber Strain at MRS.: 0.2 %
Impact Resistance: 10 N*m
Impact Resistance: 3 cycles
Max. Crush Resistance: 400 N/cm
Min. Bend Radius for Installation: 20xD mm
Min. Bend Radius for Operation: 10xD mm
Repeated Bending: 100 cycles
Torsion (L=125 x d): 10 cycles
Drip Test: 80 °C
Max. Operating Temperature: +70 °C
Min. Operating Temperature: -30 °C
Max. Installation Temperature: +45 °C
Min. Installation Temperature: -20 °C
Max. Storage Temperature: +70 °C
Min. Storage Temperature: -40 °C
UV Resistance: Yes
Waterblocking: Yes