A totally new aisle containment system with complete hot and cold air separation. Optimizing air flow in your data center with the use of containment has several benefits, including reducing energy costs and improving efficiency. The right choice of a cooling system gives the data center an optimal temperature. Our new aisle containment solutions separate hot from cold aisles by the roof and door sections. Together with our cooling systems, locking system and monitoring PDU:s, you have a complete future-proof and sustainable solution.

Maximum energy efficiency

Separating the hot and cold aisles with a containment solution stops hot air recirculating and mixing with the cold inlet air. This type of recirculation reduces overall cooling efficiency and prevents the long-life of the equipment. Air cooling, where cool outside air is led into the cooling devices, is an ecological solution that is very well suited for data centers. Cooling generates excess heat that can then be used to heat the office or stairwells.

New design with maximum flexibility

KKD G3 and KKT G3 are a series of products that are required to build aisle containments with S1 server enclosures. All new design with door beam from end to end of cabinet with aluminum cover in one single piece. Integrated handles in the aluminum frame of doors. And roof sections of steel and glass. Almost all aisle containment projects require some special considerations. Therefore, all KKD G3 and KKT G3 are available in different configurations and sizes.

Minimal installation time

Our door- and roof sections easily fit with our server enclosure S1 and ensure a quick and cost-effective installation