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AFL 864F Splice Patch Frame Black 6U

432xLCD 864F Ribbon Pigtail

Artikelnummer: F7HAAFBEAX-05AM
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The 6U HCF Splicing & Patch Frame is a high density rack mountable fiber management solution that splices and patches up to 864 fibers in a 6RU cabinet space. The 6U HCF has ribbon cabling splicing via a rear positioned hinge down panels that is supplied with a latching feature for both open and closed positions and shuttered Ultra High Density LC adapter modules on the front of the frame, allowing for smooth patching and easy LC port access.

6 splice trays accommodate both SWR ribbon cable as well as traditional ribbon cable. Each splice tray has the capacity to splice up to 144 fibers, with up to 12 mass splice protectors to be secured whilst ensuring sufficient slack storage for multiple re-splices.
Ultra High Density LC adapter modules for 432 LC duplex connectors or 864 LC simplex connectors improving space management in high fiber density environment.
Integrated mounting points for cable transitions ensuring appropriate management of breakout from cable to splicing area.
A traditional leaf style splice tray stack ensure fully managed fiber routing from transition to splice tray whilst minimizing risk of bend losses.
Hinge down splice panel ensures that splicing area is easily accessible and entry into the cabinet can be managed appropriately for high fiber count cable applications.


  • Rack height = 6U
  • 19" rackmount cabinet
  • "V" shaped UHD chassis
  • Hinge down rear splice panel
  • Latching mechanism when pivoting rear door opens
  • Leaf style splice trays
  • Integrated Fiber pathways to splice trays
  • 6x 144f ribbon splice trays
  • 36x Preterm 2x12F G657A1 Ribbon Fiber LC 0.9 fanout 0.2m-Open,Transparent PE Tube,TL 2m
  • 36x UHD 24 x LC Adaptor Plate
  • Knockout / removable side cover for cable entry up to dia. 25 mm
  • SWR Package (Splice trays and splice holders)
  • Universal Cable Clamp up to dia. 25 mm
  • Internal adapter field and fiber management
  • Label clearly identified with colors, alphabets and numbers
  • Removable hinge-down front door, with port identification labeling
  • Accessory Bag
    - 100x Splice Protector (OD 4.5x40, inner 2.8x5.2)
    - Screws, Washers, Nuts. (For rack mounting)
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