Sticklers Fiber Cleaning Fluid 58ml

Mini Pump Spray

Artikelnummer: MCC-POC03M
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This Sticklers fiber optic splice and connector cleaner is a better, safer IPA replacement


Excellent IPA Isopropyl Alcohol alternative
Cleaning fiber optic end faces
Use on Ceramic and composite ferrule faces
Cleaning fiber during fusion splicing
Cleans  glass and plastic lenses

Completely removes dust, dirt, fingerprints, moisture
Ultra-pure, leaves no residue
Does not absorb water or other impurities
Metered doses help control waste
Nonflammable for added safety
Dissipates electrostatic charge
Dries instantly for faster cleaning
Safe on all surfaces
TravelSafe™ bottle – ships as non-hazardous, non-regulated for easy storage and transport
Hermetically sealed and spill-proof
RoHS and REACH compliant
NSN: 6850-01-592-9391
Special Note: the Liter and 4-liter packages use screw-on caps and do not have the Triton™ dispenser
Sticklers™ Fiber Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner  out-performs alcohol, and enhances the cleaning efficiency of any wipe, swab or cleaning tool. The unique, patented Triton™ dispenser cap enables 3 methods of fluid dispensing for use with a extension tube, cleaning stick or cleaning wipe.  For larger cleaning jobs, choose the 10 oz. pump bottle and get 2,200+ cleanings per bottle. Or opt for the smaller, 3 oz. bottle for 650+ cleanings. The 3 oz. bottle has the added advantage that it even can be carried on commercial aircraft.

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