Sticklers CleanClicker MPO 600+ klick

MPO/MTP Male Pin/Female Unpin

Artikelnummer: MCC-CCMPO
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The keyless  CleanClicker 600 MPO connector cleaner allows up or down cleaning


Ideal for high-density network applications such as in data centers, telco central offices and cable TV head ends
Cleans all compliant IEC 61754-7 and TIA604-5 FOCIS 5 MT-based connector systems
Works on hardened Amphenol and other brands of multi-fiber connectors
Use on flat polished multimode connectors and angled single-mode connectors
Cleans adapters and truck assemblies

“Keyless” cleaning tip allows up or down insertion
Remove the tip insertion orientation key and the tool cleans inverted – makes cleaning in tight spaces or near floors or ceilings much easier
600+ cleanings in each tool
Cleans both male (with guide pins) and female (without guide pins) MPO connectors
Enables wet-dry cleaning on heavily soiled end faces, use with the  Sticklers Fiber Optic  Splice & Connector Cleaner Cleaning Fluid
Translucent plastic housing shows the tech how much cleaning ribbon remains – avoids surprises out in the field
The MPO connector cleaner adapter set allows the Connector Cleaner to work on hardened connectors. These include the Commscope HMFOC, the Corning Optitip and  the Amphenol  M-Series.  Each adapter is keyed for one way insertion and perfect alignment.

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