Mikrokabel OFS 12x10/125 5,2mm S12

G657.A1 250um

Artikelnummer: OK13546
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Application: Air-Blown Installation into Micro-Ducts

Non-metallic Central Member
Gel-filled Buffer Tubes
S-12 Color code

Small tubes for a reduced outer diameter
Dry Core Design – Cable core water blocked by means of dry “water swellable” technology - for quicker, cleaner cable prep for jointing
Individual coloured tubes
Outer diameter approx: 5,7mm
Net weight: 30 kg/km
Number of fibres: 12
Number of fibres per tube: 12
Tubes: 1
Core design: 1+6 (5 fillers)
Optical element: Gel-filled Buffer Tubes
Cable metal free: Yes
Strain relief: Yes
Material outer sheath: Polypropylene
Colour outer sheath: Black

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Tillverkare OFS Furukawa

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