Genexis Optical CATV module

Genexis Optical CATV module

Artikelnummer: CATV-103

Genexis CATV-103 is a compact CATV module with housing made of >99% plastics. It supports GPIO based ON/OFF control in combination with the XG6846, as well as extended I2C based control functions in combination with XG6846B and XGX.  The CATV module will automatically detect which control interface is supported. It also supports automatic gain control and weak input signal.

SC/APC receptacle input connector and F-connector for RF output. Designed for integration in Genexis XG Series.

Key features
45 MHz – 900 MHz bandwidth
F-female connector for CATV RF output
AGC (automatic gain control)
Housing made of >99% recycled plastics
Simplex SC / APC Connector
Optical input power monitoring