TKF GRGLDV Mikrokabel SM 4F 3,9mm S12 6000m/t

TKF GRGLDV Mikrokabel SM 4F 3,9mm S12


Artikelnummer: T74941

CTMC - Central Tube Mini Cable 4x SM G.657.A1 (1x4)
Customer drop cable, consisting of a central tube filled with low bend radius, no waterpeak G.657.A1 fibres, finished with aramid yarns (as strenght-elements) and a polypropylene outer jacket. This cable has a small outside diameter and is ideal for blowing in micro-tubes in the Access Network. Installation: blowing into microducts of 5.5 mm. (inside diameter)

Outer diameter approx: 3,9
Net weight: 13 kg/km
Number of fibres: 4
Number of fibres per optical element: 4
Number of cores: 1
Optical element: Loose tube, gel filled
Cable metal free: Yes
Strain relief: Yes
Type of strain relief: Aramid fibre
Material outer sheath: Polypropylene
Colour outer sheath: Black
Outer sheath thickness: 0,25 mm