Sticklers CleanStixx SC 2.5mm 50st/fp

Fiber Optic Swabs

Artikelnummer: MCC-S25
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2.5mm CleanStixx Fiber Optic Swabs
The 2.5mm CleanStixx fiber optic swabs are a reliable, inexpensive tool engineered for critical cleaning of fiber optic end faces in ports, mating sleeves or sockets of high-speed fiber optic networks. Key features include:

Key Features of the 2.5mm CleanStixx Fiber Optic Swabs
Patented, high-purity cleaning tips are unique to Sticklers products
Engineered for wet-dry cleaning, which is proven to get the best results
No fabric, foam, glues or particulate to leave residues on the end-faces
Precision molded to exact size and shape, for better cleaning
Packaged in high-purity, re-sealable bags
Color-coded handles and packaging, for easy selection
Military-approved with National Stock Number NSN 6070-01-553-2263
High-performance cleaning at the lowest cost-per-clean
Works best when used with Sticklers™ Fiber Optic cleaning fluid (#MCC-POC03M or the new, economy-sized #MCC-POC10M)

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