RFS Antenna Omnidirectional Indoor MIMO 698-960MHz / 1427-2700/3400-3800MHz

RFS Antenna Omnidirectional Indoor MIMO

698-960MHz / 1427-2700/3400-3800MHz

Artikelnummer: I-ATO5-43-698/3800M
The omnidirectional MIMO antenna I-ATO5-43-698/3800M is designed for broadband in-building DAS applications supporting all kind of safety as well as 4G and 5G commercial wireless communication networks. The antenna combines an aesthetical design with superior electrical characteristics notably a PIM optimized design to minimize network interferences. The antenna is constructed from lightweight materials ideal for easy ceiling mounting. The low profile and off-white radome blends easily into most building aesthetics with minimum visual impact.

Wideband omnidirectional MIMO antenna, supporting all wireless services in the frequency bands 698-960/1427-2700MHz/3400-3800MHz
Typically used in indoor distribution of 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G wireless services in all standardized frequency bands
PIM optimized antenna design (-153dBc @2x20W)
Aesthetical visual appearance, compact and light weight
Low return loss, stable performance
Pigtail with 4.3-10 female connector
Ceiling mounting