RFS EMP 690 -2700 MHz, lambda/4 4.3-10 male - 4.3-10 female

RFS EMP 690 -2700 MHz, lambda/4

4.3-10 male - 4.3-10 female

Artikelnummer: 43-STUB-14

Surge arrestors are designed to protect wireless base stations, switching centers and transmission lines from the damaging effects of extreme high voltage surges caused by lightning strikes. The RFS lightning protection devices are designed and tested to the most demanding specifications. They are rated to protect against both direct and indirect multiple strikes in the harshest environments imaginable. Their rugged construction utilizes solid metal housing, and superior plating, which results in outstanding system protection and operating continuity.


Superior IM performance for reliable long-term operation
Excellent electrical performance, low VSWR, low insertion loss
Waterproof to IP68
Totally maintenance free
Compliant to RoHS (EU 2002/95/EC) and CRoHS (China SJ/T11363-2006) i.e. usable on a global basis.