Genexis WIFI 6 Repeater/ Extender/Router 2 x 1G Port, 1G Ethernet WAN

Genexis WIFI 6 Repeater/ Extender/Router

2 x 1G Port, 1G Ethernet WAN

Artikelnummer: Pulse-EX600

It adapts! That is what the Pulse EX600 does. It adapts your mobile devices to experience an optimal WiFi connectivity in the home.It adapts to different in-home situations as it is a multi-purpose device that can be used as a router and extender. The Pulse EX600 supports the latest Wi-Fi 6 standards, improving WiFi
coverage throughout the home by providing an outstanding WiFi performance.It adapts to your home network as it easily integrates with other access points via
EasyTouch pairing functionality. It adapts the load balancing within the home network thanks to its Wi-Fi EasyMesh™ function. Meaning end-users will enjoy an optimal WiFi experience throughout the home.

Key features
• Compact size, flexible placement options
• 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6)
• Wi-Fi EasyMesh™
• 2.4GHz (2x2) and 5GHz (4x4) radio design
• Easy setup/installation
• EasyTouch Pairing with selected Genexis devices
• Supported 3-in-1 modules (i.e., router, wired extender and wireless extender)
• Desktop model and wall-mount compatible
• Genexis CloudSight compatible

Sustainability features
• Power consumption compliant to EU-CoC-BBE
• Housing made of 45% recycled plastics

Always the best WiFi experience with Wi-Fi EasyMesh™  When two (or more) Pulse EX600 devices are integrated in the same network, automatically an EasyMesh network is created between the installed Pulse EX600 devices. Thanks to this EasyMesh network, end-users are able to fully experience the best WiFi connectivity throughout the whole home. Its mobile steering capabilities keep the load balance of the network in mind to steer the mobile devices to the correct access
point. Meaning that when the end-user freely walks through the home, it automatically connects to the most optimal access point at all time. Resulting in the best possible WiFi experience for the end-user.