Dispenserflaska för sprit 1649512 fiberrengöring

Dispenserflaska för sprit

1649512 fiberrengöring

Artikelnummer: AD010
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Dispenser bottle feature stainless steel pump units with linear translucent polyethylene bottle. This allows for easy checking of fluid levels and safe handling of most volatile liquids.
Light pressure of cloth or other applicator on the dispensing dish brings clean liquid instantly to the surface. Pumps are fabricated from the finest stainless steel to assure a lifetime of reliable service and resistance to the harshest liquids. Precision valve seals contents in bottle until operator dispenses liquid, this curbs the amount of fumes, drips and spills. Operator dispenses only as much liquid as needed for the job.  

- Right amount of fluid in less than 1 second
- Airtight check valve means no spills or evaporation
- One hand operation
- Requires only light pressure to use
- Fluid stays in dish, cannot drip back into bottle
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E nummer SE 1649512

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