TKF GRHLDV Mikrokabel SM 12F 6,0mm S12 4000m/t

TKF GRHLDV Mikrokabel SM 12F 6,0mm S12


Artikelnummer: T77207


LTMC - Loose Tube Mini Cable 12xSM G.657.A1 (2x12)
Non-metallic, longitudinal water-protected, with reduced outer diameter and lowbend radius, no waterpeak G.657.A1 fibres, suitable for Access or FTTx applications.

Installation: blowinginto miniducts

Outer diameter approx: 6.0 mm
Net weight: 27 kg/km
Number of fibres: 12
Number of fibres per optical element: 24
Number of cores: 2

Optical fibre standard: ITU-T G.657.A1
Color code standard: S-12 Skanova

Optical element: Loose tube, gel filled
Cable metal free: Yes
Number of layers: 1 Layer
Strip method: 1 Rip cord
Strain relief: Yes
Type of strain relief: FRP
Material outer sheath: HDPE
Colour outer sheath: Black
Outer sheath thickness: 0.45 mm