Inno View5 PRO Fibersvets kärnlinjering

SM/MM Cloud-Based Nano SIM DACAS

Artikelnummer: View5 PRO
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View 5 Pro är en 3-axlig fibersvets med kärnlinjerande (DACAS), den nya standarden inom telekommunikationsindustrin.


VIEW5 PRO, a core-alignment splicer with the world’s highest fiber image magnification rate, is the most proficient fusion
splicer in the market. VIEW5 PRO’s 5 inch high-resolution color LCD touch screen with user-friendly intuitive GUI (Graphic User
Interface) offers large and clear fiber images to users. By double-tapping the screen, users can Zoom In & Out the image to the
world’s highest magnification of 520x.
The fusion splicer is equpped with built-in IoT module that connects to the INNO's View Pro Cloud Management System for
real-time operation and management online. This innovative cloud-based solution is designed to create the most advanced and
yet most uncomplicated splicing and work experiences ever.

View Pro Cloud Management System
View Pro Management System is an integrated cloud-based software platform for INNO’s splicers. This innovative web-based
application allows both technicians and managers of the splicers to maximize the use of its assets and to achieve the highest
work efficiency. Real-time communications with tiered access rights and options to manage job orders, manage sp

· Built-in IoT Module for Mobile Data Communication
· Web-based, Real-time Operation System
· Core Alignment Splicing with DACAS Profiling System
· The Highest Magnification and Resolution
· 5” Color LCD Touch Screen
· Double Tapping ( Zoom in & Out )
· Fast Heating Time
· Detachable SOC Holder and Heating Oven
· 3 Bright LEDs for Dark Environment
· User Friendliest Interface with Built-in Videos

Standard Package
VIEW5 PRO Fusion Splicer
Standard Accessories
V11 Cleaver 1ea
FH-45 Fiber Holder 1set
FH-SOC-R SOC Holder 1ea
HTS-SOC-02 SOC Heater Cover 1ea
JS-180300 AC Adapter 1ea
CG-22 Cooling Tray 1ea
E-50 Electrode 1set
LBT-52 Battery Pack 1ea
ACC-25 Power Cable 1ea
USB-7P USB Type C - Type A Cable 1ea
ICC-51 Carrying Case 1ea
ST-01 Shoulder Strap(Carrying case) 1ea
Quick Reference 1ea

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