The SWR® technology is the answer to your need of ultra-high fiber count (UHFC) solution evolving data center network, providing interconnection between and within data center buildings on a scale, never seen before.

SWR® technology is a bonded fiber design that allows for both highly efficient ribbon termination and legacy discrete fiber termination. Compact, ultra-high fiber count cables fabricated using SWR fiber are central to the UHFC Solution.

12 fibers are intermittently connected together using a resin bond, the intermittent nature of the bond allows the ribbon to be bunched and collapsed similar to a bundle of loose fibers. It further lets the ribbon act as either a traditional ribbon for mass fusion splicing, or be broken out into individual fibers for single fiber handling.

SWR® technology significantly reduces cable diameter and weight, and is used in ultra-high fiber count indoor and outdoor cable types, resulting in lower installation costs and major improvements in utilization of cable pathways and duct space.



Both Rollable Ribbon Technology from OFS and SpiderWeb Ribbon® from AFL is available in many different cable constructions types.


This makes the SWR® technology fiber cables an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor use, connecting data centers, or serving as the distribution for dense FTTx and mobility network.


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