There are different standards and guidelines addressing cabling infrastructure in Data Centers like EN, ISO/IEC, TIA and Uptime® that defines specific functional areas to help determine the placement of cabling, components and equipment. Following these guidelines for functional area layout is the first step in establishing a well-designed cabling infrastructure for your Data Center.

For example, the cabling infrastructure often described in standards and guidelines shall use a fixed cabling infrastructure in cabling subsystems with a multi-path redundancy configuration using diverse physical pathways and redundant distribution areas as shown in Figure 13.

Design Datacenter


The External Network Interface or the Entrance Room is the location for access provider equipment, demarcation points and interface with other campus locations (otherwise known as Meet Me Room).


The main cross-connect and the core routers and switches for the corporate LAN and for connecting to the EDAs.


Is an optional area primarily used in large data centers. IDs may include intermediate cross-connects and are designed to enable data center growth or provide segmentation for specific applications. ZD - ZONE DISTRIBUTION The optional ZDA acts as a consolidation point within the Horizontal Cabling run between the HDA and EDA(s).

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