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AFL 3456 Mass Fusion Splice Wall Cabinet

24x144FO Ribbon, 24x36FO single fiber

Artikelnummer: HCF-MFS-3456F-WC
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3456f Mass Fusion Splice Wall Cabinet is designed for use in a Building Entrance Facility, providing an enclosure to splice Outside Plant Cables to Inside Plant Cable with ultra-high fiber count. This cabinet is designed for easy installation by one person, space saving and cost effective. It's designed for flexibility and light weight make this cabinet an ideal choice for its application. Pass through space provides cable routing for multiple cabinets' installation.

The splice cabinet features leaf style trays which allow 144 fiber mass fusion splices per tray and a raceway & manifold system ensures 250µm fiber is protected at all times. Various sizes of cable entries are possible at both top and bottom with modular tie off points allowing up to 8 x Ø34mm at a time.

This Mass Fusion Splice Wall Cabinet has the capacity of splicing up to 3456f for SWR and traditional ribbon cables. There is an option for this product to be adapted to take standard optical fiber by purchasing our standard fiber optics splicing tray in the ordering information. With this standard splice tray, this would bring the core count to 864 fiber if all 24 standard splice trays of 36 fiber per tray are used for this.


  • Up to maximum of 3456 fiber count
  • Mass fusion splice for traditional ribbon and SWR fiber with option for standard fiber optic cables
  • Interchangeable cable tie off brackets accommodating flexibility for various sizes of entry/exit cables
  • Easy lift off cover to access the Splice Tray Modular Backboard
  • Holes available for security padlock to secure cover to Splice Tray Modular Backboard
  • Adjustable working tray is mountable in variable heights and can be easily stored in cabinet cover
  • Pass through space to allow cables management when using multiple splice cabinets. Two options of inside cabinet and outside cabinet cable pass through are possible.
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