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AFL 288F Mass Fusion Splice Wall Cabinet

12x Splice Trays for 2x12 single Fibre

Artikelnummer: HCF-FS-288F-WC
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This innovative Mass Fusion Splice Wall Cabinet is designed for applications in a Building Entrance Facility, providing an enclosure to splice Outside Plant Cables to Inside Plant Cable with up to max 1152 fiber count. This cabinet can be fitted into small spaces such as rooms with limited physical space. It can be installed as a single unit or stackable with multiple units. It can be both wall mounted or in pre-mounted on the standard 19” racks.

Another unique feature are cable pass through spaces inside and outside the cabinet provide cable routing for multiple cabinets' installation on the wall or in the rack.

The splice cabinet features 12x leaf style trays which allow 24 single fiber splices per tray and a raceway manifold system to ensure the fiber is protected at all times. The cabinet has flexible capacity for cable options accommodating Inside Plant Cable of 12x 24 fiber cable and Outside Plant Cable of either 1x 288 fiber cable or 2x 144 fiber cable. It can also be used for standard ribbon splicing with 12x splice trays of 72f each tray, resulting a 864 ribbon fiber count. When used with SWR cable, splicing is possible with 12x splice trays of 96f each tray, resulting a max of 1152 ribbon fiber count. For both uses of standard ribbon and SWR need to order the Splice Tray (SPT17-12) in the Accessories Order Information below.


  • Up to maximum of 288 fiber count for single fiber, 864 fiber count for standard ribbon and 1152 fiber count for SWR fiber cables.
  • Default 12x Splice Tray for 2x12 single fiber splice holder per tray are easily interchangeable with 12x Splice Tray for 8x12 ribbon fiber splice holder per tray.
  • Options to be mounted on wall or installed in a 19” frame
  • This 14U cabinet is designed to fit a max of 3 units in a 45U frame
  • Fixed cable tie off features accommodating flexibility for various sizes up to O.D. 24 mm for entry/exit cables
  • Easy lift off cover to access the Splice Tray Modular Backboard
  • Holes available for security padlock to secure cover to Splice Tray Modular Backboard
  • The Working Tray can be easily mounted on the Modular Backboard and it is removable to be conveniently stored inside the Cabinet Cover when it is not in use
  • Pass through space to allow cables management when using multiple splice cabinets. Two options of inside cabinet and outside cabinet cable pass through are possible.
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